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Ron Baker: What if Disney+ offered accounting services in subscription?

Admin | December 24, 2022

Interview with Guest Speaker Ron Baker and his new book: Time’s Up: The Subscription Business Model for Professional firms. This is an excerpt of my coaching program for accountants:

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Audio Recording: “Value Pricing 2.0 & Selling the Price Increase Webinar”

Admin | September 17, 2022

Audio version of webinar ran on 09/16/2022 focused on teaching Value Pricing, introducing the concepts subscription-based business model, how to have “awkward conversations” with out customers to reduce stress. Slides: Join the AltAccountant Program: Coupon: FIRST40 Buy Ron…..

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Online v. Desktop

Admin | May 6, 2022

First, check our my detailed Spreadsheet with over 200 features compared across all versions of QuickBooks: Second, If you are going to purchase QuickBooks Online, use my link to get 30% off: But, if you are planning to purchase…..

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“The Future of QuickBooks” by Hector Garcia

Admin | February 3, 2022

Interview with Blake Oliver CPA about the direction of QuickBooks for small business and mid-market. Get CPE for listening to podcasts!

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My QuickBooks Desktop 2023 and Beyond WISHLIST

Admin | January 27, 2022

Last updated 01/27/2022 New Features added from my wishlist in latest version (2022)… Thank you Intuit! Bank Feeds: Improve the overall look and feel and make it more stable when sorting and filtering by dates Bank Feeds: Ability to search within rules or…..

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Specialization Masterclass for Accountants

Admin | September 30, 2021

This is an audio-only version of a class I teach on about choosing your target/niche market (Vertical and Horizontal), drafting your unique positioning statement, and examples of what advisory looks like for specific industries such as Construction or Retail

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Upcoming QuickBooks Online Reports “Masterclass” (11/11/21)

Admin | September 22, 2021

I have a 2.5 hour deep dive course I am doing with Alicia Katz on 11/11/21 which will be delivered live using the Royawise platform. Its $150 and guaranteed to be the best reports class you have ever taken, sing…..

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The REAL pros/cons of QuickBooks Online

Admin | September 12, 2021

My QuickBooks Online Wishlist: Hannah’s (CLARA CFO) YouTube video:

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Bookkeeping certifications

Admin | July 22, 2021

Because there is are national or state entities regulating the bookkeeping profession, there are several private entities out there that offer some sort of “Bookkeeper Certificate” program. There are several out there, and I will give you the short list…..

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From Bookkeeper to CPA to YouTuber.. my 12 year journey

Admin | September 25, 2020

If you are interested in learning my journey from the inception of my bookkeeping business in 2008 to getting my CPA license in 2014 and starting my YouTube Channel in 2015, this is an interview I had with Relay Bank

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