Hector strongly believes in Value Based Pricing; where the services he can provide are worth more than he price being charged.  For this, there needs to be an in-depth understanding of the problem that needs to be solved, timeframe requirements, level of details required on the work, etc.  When given this opportunity, Hector will quote you a flat fee for the entire project with defined deliverables.

Because this is hard to do before a complete diagnosis and value conversation, there is a default rate Hector resorts to, which is $250 per hour.  Normally on VERY short term projects, that rare is close to what the client pays; on mid-size / longer projects (that also include mixed support from staff members) the rates can be as low as $125 per hour.  So this “range” should give you an idea on the cost* of the work.  Either way, the idea is to try to get a definite scope and expectations, to be able to quote a FLAT FEE based on specific deliverables and results.

*Note: Hector is very fast and effective, specially on high-tech projects; so it is hard to benchmark against other professionals that may not have the same specialties.

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