REFRAME 2024: Money Conversations w/ Carlos Garcia Jr. & Carolyn Strauss

Episode 5 of this 8-part webinar/podcast series is the official companion to the ⁠⁠⁠⁠ we are going to have in October 2024

NOTE: This podcast contains some visuals, check out the video version:

Topics that will be covered in this series:

  • Communications strategy with clients

  • Communicating your value to command price, standards, and expectations

  • Negotiating terms, pricing, scope, with new and existing clients

  • “Magic Words” that get the other person on your side quickly

  • Fundamental communications skills to transmit your message/ideas to others in an effective matter

  • The most important communications skill set: self-talk

  • How to give advice that customers will follow

  • How to influence the people you do work for and work with to become better people and value your vision (leadership)

  • How to apply this skills in the real world to get significant results