Tools to Import/Edit Data in QuickBooks Online

LAST UPDATE 06/01/24

There are 3 main tools I use to batch edit data in QuickBooks Online:

  • Spreadsheet Sync: it’s included with QuickBooks Online Advanced ONLY!
  • SaasAnt: it’s a 3rd party app starting at $15/m per company
  • RightTool PRO: it’s a chrome extension with some free features, but the Batch Editing and Batch Delete tools will require the paid/pro version.

If you are going to use Spreadsheet Sync, you can use this template I put together to see which fields and transaction types SS allows you to make changes to:

If you are going to use SaasAnt, you can use this template (created by them) to know which fields by transaction type can be imported or modified via SaasAnt:

RightTool PRO wouldn’t use a template, because it doesn’t “import” in the same sense as other apps like Spreadsheet Sync, SaasAnt, Transaction Pro Importer, etc. would use. RightTool Pro sort of runs a macro in front of you and enters the data right in front of you, here are some videos that explain the different features:

Keep in mind that these can only be done with transactions that originate from a Balance Sheet Transaction itself, which limits the fields to: Date, Payee, Account, Memo, Class, Location, and Reconcile Status.