Interview with Jason Staats CPA: Content Creation, AI, and other fun topics

This is the complete recording I did with Jason Staats CPA. He will be taking a piece of this for YouTube and I as well… But via this podcast, you get the whole unedited conversation…

Jason's Main Channel:

Jason Daily Channel:

00:00 Intro

01:31 Jason Starts asking questions

03:11 Hector's YouTube Channel and why all accountants should be making videos

10:03 Accountant vs. Influencer?

11:38 Personal vs. Corporate Brand

19:19 Leveraging Content in the Firm

27:03 Levering your team

34:23 How to be successful (beyond content)

38:27 The role of AI

51:01 Getting the young ones excited about accounting

54:42 Jason sold his firm

58:23 What must be sacrificed to make big decisions

01:03:14 How to stay in “touch” with the industry as a creator

01:08:41 Managing Information Overload

01:15:22 Learning more about Jason + Conclusion